Click the “Browse Titles” link to view all records, which can then be sorted according to title, author, date, format, or category. In the left-hand panel, click any link to view only the records in that group.


  • Find records containing a specified word anywhere in the record:
  • Limit searches to title, author name, or date:
  • Combine terms within a single search:
    author:veenhof date:1937
    author:veenhof date:1937 title:hervormde
  • Find records containing all of the specified words:
    kerk staat
    or use the equivalent:
    kerk AND staat
  • Find records containing any of the specified words:
    kerk OR staat
  • Use - (minus sign) to exclude words:
    kerk -staat
    (finds records containing kerk and not containing staat)
  • Use double quotation marks for exact phrases:
    "two kingdoms"
    "canopy of grace"

Saving individual records

When viewing a full bibliographic record (by clicking the title of any individual entry), the bibliographic data is embedded in a manner suitable for processing by Zotero, an add-on to the Firefox web browser. (The data is in a standard format that should be compatible with other comparable bibliography software, but we have only tested this feature with Zotero.)

With Zotero installed, view the full bibliographic record for any entry. Zotero will add an icon (the icon varies based on the type of record — book, article, etc.) on the right-hand side of the address bar. Click the icon to add the bibliographic record to your Zotero “library.”